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The Great Escape

Tuesday 20th June 2017

One of the best things about being a wedding band based in Sussex is being a stone's throw away from The Great Escape Festival!

This year we played a few sets of our own and attended many more. On the Friday night we teamed together with some other local acts to put a gig on at Oxfam - the shop managers had seen bands playing all over town previously and wanted to be a part of it this year. They cleared all of the clothing rails out of the shop floor and let us set up our PA, amps, drums and lighting system.

It was entry by donation and the tills were kept open so that people could buy clothes while at the gig - what a brilliant idea! The DIY nature of the setting drew a huge crowd as passers by couldn't help but check out what was going on.

Here's the brilliant Teetotum rocking out during their set...

The night was kicked off by our very own Damo and Simon, performing in their acoustic Indie Folk trio Liemba

... followed by some Psych Rock from Teetotum...

and topped off with a healthy dose of Brit Pop from the mighty Mantras.

All in all it was a cracking night for local bands in the middle of the UK's best new music festival. Exactly what summer is all about! 



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