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Recording and Filming

Sunday 25th January 2015

Some of you may have noticed we have some new recordings and a video on our site. This is all thanks to Henrik at PBug Studios and Adam Prosser for being the consummate pros that they are.

We decided in early December along with the team at Tailored Entertainment that we needed to some new tracks recorded, filmed and online.. . by Christmas. It was an amazing feat of logistical planning within the time constraints and we couldn't be happier with the outcome. 

December 12 - recording:

We headed up to PBug studio in Brentford to record 6 songs. It was an amazing day of recording which flew by with no hiccups. Our new bassist had only heard the songs a few times before we went into the studio and impressed us all by recording all of the tracks perfectly in less than an hour.

After recording all of the backing tracks live we then spent the rest of the day perfecting the vocals and sharing music from our originals band (The Move-ons) with Henrik.

December 19 - video and photoshoot:

Next we booked ourselves into Brighton Electric studios to film the video.  Adam met us at 10am and after setting up and settling in we did the photo shoot.

Adam got some great shots and managed to time the snaps perfectly in between us pulling ridiculous faces at the camera!

We then filmed the video which involved playing the tracks through about 30 times. We managed to get everything wrapped up by about 1:30pm which, according to Adam, was a record time for a band shoot. We like to think we are efficient but that was a surprise even for us. 

We hope you enjoy the new photos, tracks and video. See you at a gig soon!

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