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Music is fun!

Tuesday 07th April 2015

Hi all, Simon here

I was looking through my gig journal the other day and found some great quotes I had written down from people we have met through music. Some wise and not so wise quotes we have picked up on our journey through the crazy world of music:

“You must remember moments like this when you are famous and arrogant”

- Swiss woman talking to Damo, our lead singer, after a gig in Lucerne.

“At all times ensure you are having a nice time... because playing music is fun x”

- Hand written notice in a studio we recorded in a few years ago.

“Liven up you lot, it's like playing in a @!*#?! morgue in here. This next song is about the morning after a heavy night out. Not that you lot would know anything about that. Or maybe you do, maybe that's why you're all so quiet.”

- Angry musician.

I do enjoy the words people put together to make sentences… sometimes inspirational, other times just plain hilarious.



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