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Awesome Wedding Venues of the Year #1: HMS Belfast

Monday 11th May 2015

Awesome wedding venues of the year # 1 HMS Belfast

At the beginning of the month we played a wedding on HMS Belfast. This was a first for us so we were very excited to see what it'd be like.

Our first task was locating the room we were going to be playing in. The boat is a vast maze of ladders and hallways that were not necessarily built for an Indie Rock band to carry amps and speakers through! The venue was one of the main rooms at the bow of the ship (I might have made that up.. it sounds good though). It was a large dining hall type room with low ceilings and plenty of room for dancing.

Outside of the main room, guests were free to roam around a large chunk of the ship. This was a great element as it is now a functioning museum so there are mannequins all over the place depicting life aboard HMS Belfast. This was also slightly eerie because, as you can see in the pictures, the mannequins were very realistic. The further away from the celebrations you got, the more you felt like you might be walking through some sort of Stephen King nightmare sequence. 

The view of London was incredible and added a lot to the overall atmosphere of the night.

It was a great night and the Bride and Groom were over the moon from start to finish. Another fun and rewarding adventure for Alive!



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