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22nd January 2019
Looking for a killer photographer? Try Sam Docker.

7th March 2018
Alive Vlog - Love is a Stranger (Annie Lennox)

13th February 2018
Alive Recommends - myartbrief.com

20th June 2017
The Great Escape

13th April 2017
Simon's Trip to Bristol.

23rd March 2017
A Few Things About Brett You May Not Know

24th February 2017
February Update

30th January 2017
Happy New Year!

13th December 2016
Our favourite Brighton Band

19th October 2016
Our acoustic sets

13th July 2016
3 of our favourite venues this year

11th May 2016
A little acoustic jam!

15th February 2016
More Acoustic Shenanigans

13th January 2016
Happy New Year from Alive!

11th November 2015
Our Top 3 First Dances

16th September 2015
Don't Look Back into the Sun

25th August 2015
Impromptu Acoustic Gigs? Mais, Oui!

11th May 2015
Awesome Wedding Venues of the Year #1: HMS Belfast

7th April 2015
Music is fun!

17th March 2015
A Little Bit About Damo...